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New Beads!

The Heart Web Bead Out now and available to purchase online and in store are two new colour additions to the 'Heart Web' beads collection. These include a pretty, soft, [...]

Scarlet Witchling

SCARLET WITCHLING Rise from the ashes, Oh mythical bird, Let your beauty shine through, And your song to be heard. Let the world know, The Frightlings are here, And Scarlet [...]

Victor Vampling

VICTOR VAMPLING I’m 400 years old, My eyes glow blood red, My skin feels ice cold, I am ‘‘The Undead’’. My wingspan is great, The girls think I’m hot, I [...]

Viktoria Vampling

VIKTORIA VAMPLING You act like your not scared, Or afraid to die, But when your heart has stopped for good, You may find that you’ve lied. You Believe your eyes [...]

Buttercup Bunny Vampling

BUTTERCUP BUNNY VAMPLING Hopping around with my fluffy cottontail, I never saw them cross over the vale, I was eating wild carrots and elderflower, Now I've turned, it's blood I [...]

Nosvar Vampling

NOSVAR VAMPLING Poor little Vampire rising from the grave, Really quite scared but acting strong and brave. Poor little Vampire climbing up a wall, Old and withered, only three foot [...]

Booty Bill Pirateling

BOOTY BILL PIRATELING I am a pirate of old, Swashbuckling, debonair, I can be brutal and bold, So you better BEWARE! I will brave the storm, To find me some [...]

Amun Mummyling

AMUN MUMMYLING I was created from Ra’s tears, The God I’ve favoured all these years, He sees my light deep inside, A love for life I cannot hide. Embalmed and [...]

Pyro Demonling

PYRO DEMONLING I’ll open the doors, And flicker the lights, I’ll throw things on floors, To give you the frights. I’ll sneak down the halls, And whisper your name, I’ll [...]

Vincent Batling

VINCENT BATLING I am Lord Vincent, Twin of Vladimir, We are kin and not rivals, Do I make myself clear? Brothers in arms, Masters of night, Rulers of Batlings, By [...]