The Heart Web Bead

Out now and available to purchase online and in store are two new colour additions to the ‘Heart Web’ beads collection. These include a pretty, soft, light purple bead and a sparkly, iridescent, bright green bead. Are you in love? Because we are.

These beads are designed to perfectly compliment your beloved Frightlings framing them as a centre piece whether you like to wear yours on your bracelet or necklace as shown below with the beautiful Nightshade.

Our beads also look beautiful as a stand alone feature charm or pendant for a more delicate look.


The Frightlings ‘Heart Web’ bead is made from sterling silver and then coated with white rhodium plating. The bead features detailing of engraved cob webs on the front and back, which is then hand painted and filled with enamel to the heart and cob webs.


The size of the bead is roughly 8mm x 8mm and the opening is 5mm in width to fit many styles of bracelets and necklaces.

Each bead is stamped 925 which represents the purity of silver.


Let us know what you think of our new additions and be thr first to comment below on our blog.