How to Care for Your Frightlings

We want your Frightlings to live a happy life so it’s important you take good care of them when they arrive at their new home. Here are some tips and tricks to caring for your devilishly cute companions.

Tips for Caring for your Frightling

  • Although you love your Frightling and you want to spend eternity together, never wear them for bed.
  • Put your Frightling on LAST thing in the morning and take them off FIRST at night.
  • Your Frightling will love to sleep in a soft pouch or dark cosy jewellery box.
  • Regularly clean your Frightling with a soft dry cloth.
  • Avoid perfumes, lotions, cleaning chemicals or any other liquids.
  • Do not bathe with your Frightlings, because like gremlins they do not like to get wet.
  • Remove them in any strenuous task such as exercise and burying the dead.

Why Follow These Tips?

The sterling silver and platinum/gold plating that our Frightlings are made of is very durable but things like moisture, cleaning chemicals, lotions and perfumes can damage the plating. Sterling silver is also a ‘soft’ metal and retains a level of malleability (it’s 92.5% pure silver) so can become misshapen or damaged if not properly cared for when worn. This is why it is important to take off your charm before getting changed to avoid clothing snagging and damaging your charm and/or clothing. We advise you not to wear your Frightlings while working at a desk as your little companion could rub on the hard surface and may get hurt.