I’ll open the doors,
And flicker the lights,
I’ll throw things on floors,
To give you the frights.

I’ll sneak down the halls,
And whisper your name,
I’ll bang on the walls,
To me it’s a game.

In my estimation,
I’m misunderstood,
I’ve a bad reputation,
But can be quite good.

I’m known as ‘‘The Mean One’’,
So I will try to be kind,
But BEWARE, I’m a demon,
And may change my mind.

Pyro likes nothing more than to torment and will do all the usual stunts to frighten the humans, like moving things around, banging on doors and walls and making loud footsteps in the loft (even if there are no floorboards). So if you have strange happenings in your house it could well be Pyro playing his usual games.