You act like your not scared,
Or afraid to die,
But when your heart has stopped for good,
You may find that you’ve lied.

You Believe your eyes are open,
As you hunger for my kiss,
But please proceed with caution,
I don’t give eternal bliss.

You feel the blind desire,
As you’re caught up in my spell,
But your desperate thirst for passion,
Will be your last farewell.

You think it’s all romantic,
Like in the vampire books,
But you’ll need an absolution,
When you find that love just sucks!

The beautiful Viktoria was lured into the trapping of eternal life through her love for Victor Vampling, she was a true romanticist and didn’t realise the repercussions of her choices. Although still under Victor’s spell as she truly adores him, being a vampire’s not all it’s cracked up to be.