Ebony & Eli Gothling

EBONY & ELI GOTHLING Clothes made with black dyes, Hair colour of coals, Behind dramatic dark eyes, Live beautiful souls. We dare to be different, To shatter the mould, Not [...]

Tempest Hexling

TEMPEST HEXLING I am Mistress of the Hex, Queen of the Curse, And conjure misfortune from a malevolent verse. I thrive in the darkness, hold the force of the night, [...]

Tempest Hexling Charm

Tempest is Mistress of the Hex and she thrives on dark magic. As conjurer of misfortune she has paid a heavy price and was cursed with a skeletal glow to one side [...]

Raven Fallen Angeling

Raven was part of the eighth order of angels who were commissioned by God to observe the first humans in their early days. "The Watchers" as they were known, were big in heart as [...]